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AkiNik Publications ® provides the best Journal Subscription services on various subjects and specializations. These journals are peer-reviewed and indexed in various reputed databases such as Google Scholar, Scopus, and WoS. We do provide subscriptions to journals related to medical science, pharmacy, nursing, engineering, management, education, and humanities. We have an experienced and professional team, which does handle journal subscription work efficiently.
Our subscribers are provided with an online tracking and notification system to track the dispatched journal. Journal Subscriptions are delivered through courier and registered post.
We deals in:
  • Pharmacy journal subscription
  • Engineering journal subscription
  • Nursing journal subscription
  • Medical journal subscription
  • Zoology journal subscription
  • Management journal subscription
  • Arts and Humanities journal subscription
  • Education journal subscription
Featured Subjects

pharmacy journal subscription

Pharmacy Journal Subscription

engineering journal subscription

Engineering Journal Subscription

nursing journal subscription

Nursing Journal Subscription

medical journal subscription

Medical Journal Subscription

zoology journal subscription

Zoology Journal Subscription

management journal subscription

Management Journal Subscription

humanities journal subscription

Humanities Journal Subscription

special education journal subscription

Special Education Journal Subscription

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Name on Cheque/DD: Akinik Publications
Payable at: Delhi
Postal Address: C-11/169, Sector 3, Rohini, Delhi-110085, India.
Mob: +91-9711224068

To, Subscribe to Academic Journals, one can place orders directly to our office or through any subscription agent. Provide us complete Journal Subscription Form along with Demand Draft / Cheque in favour of "AkiNik Publications" payable at “Delhi” through post/courier at following address:
Subscription Manager:
AkiNik Publications
Head Office: C-11/169, Sector-3,
Rohini, Delhi-110085, India
Mobile/Whatsapp: +91-9711224068, +91-8178042476
Toll Free Number: 1800-1234-070
Please Note:
All subscriptions for academic journals are payable in advance and all rates include postage and taxes. Subscribers are requested to send payment with their order. Subscriptions are entered on an annual basis, i.e. January to December and are subject to renewal in subsequent years. Prices are subject to change without notice. For more information or assistance to place an order, please feel welcome to contact us at or at
Bulk Journal Subscription Order Discount:
We offer discounted subscription rates on multi-journal order. Please contact our office or email us at
Purchase of Single Issue:
The subscriber can also purchase single issues of any journal. To get pricing, please contact to our office or email us at
Dispatch Method:
Journals are sent by reputed courier or through registered post. (With online tracking facility)
Change of Address:
Please email us complete information which should include the journal title, subscriber old address and new address. We will process your request in one week or less. The remaining subscription order will be dispatched on updated address.
Missing Issues Claim:
For subscribers within India, your claim must be received within one month from the date of publication. For subscribers of the rest of the world, your claim must be received within four months from the date of publication.

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