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Peer-reviewed Journals List

We are pleased to announce that submissions are now open for the upcoming editions of our peer-reviewed journals. We invite original research papers, review articles, case studies, and short communications that contribute significantly to the scholarly community. Our collection of peer-reviewed journals is recognized for academic excellence and is indexed in many reputable databases like Google Scholar, Crossref (DOI), ROAD, ISSN, Science Gate, Sherpa Romeo, Semantic Scholar, SCISPACE, and many other.

Peer-reviewed journals list covers a wide range of disciplines including but not limited to:

  • Sciences: Natural, Physical, and Health Sciences
  • Engineering: Technology, Computer Science, and Engineering Applications
  • Humanities: Literature, Philosophy, and History
  • Social Sciences: Economics, Anthropology, and Sociology
  • Business and Economics: Market Trends, Business Strategies, Economic Developments

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Peer Review Process by AkiNik Publications

AkiNik Publications is committed to upholding the highest standards of scholarly integrity and academic excellence. As part of this commitment, all submissions undergo a rigorous peer review process. This process is designed to ensure that all published research is thoroughly vetted, contributes meaningfully to its field, and adheres to ethical academic practices.

Step 1: Initial Manuscript Submission

Authors must submit their manuscripts via the AkiNik Publications submission portal. Submissions should adhere to the journal’s specific author guidelines, which include formatting, length, and required sections. Upon submission, the editorial office conducts a preliminary review to check for compliance with submission guidelines, completeness of the manuscript, and adherence to the ethical standards.

Step 2: Editorial Office Review

Once a manuscript passes the initial screening, the editorial office assesses it for its suitability for the journal based on the scope, relevance, and originality. The managing editor may reject manuscripts that do not meet the journal’s focus or quality expectations without further review.

Step 3: Assignment to Peer Reviewers

Manuscripts that meet initial criteria are assigned to multiple experts in the field for a thorough evaluation. AkiNik Publications typically employs a double-blind review process, where both the reviewers and the authors remain anonymous to each other to prevent bias. Reviewers are selected based on their expertise, reputation, and previous experience in the manuscript’s subject area.

Step 4: Peer Review

Reviewers are asked to evaluate the manuscript based on several criteria:
Originality and contribution to the field, Methodological rigor, Clarity of presentation, Relevance and accuracy of the literature review, Significance of results, Compliance with ethical standards
Reviewers submit their reports, which include recommendations to:
Accept as is, Accept with minor revisions, Reconsider after major revisions, Reject due to fundamental flaws or lack of fit with the journal

Step 5: Editorial Decision and Feedback

The editorial team consolidates the reviewers’ reports and makes a decision on the manuscript. The decision, along with constructive feedback, is communicated to the authors. If revisions are required, the authors are given detailed comments and a timeline to submit a revised version.

Step 6: Revision and Second Review

If the manuscript is returned for revision, the authors are expected to address the reviewers’ comments and submit a revised version. The revised manuscript may be sent back to the original reviewers or to new reviewers for further evaluation. This cycle may repeat depending on the nature of the revisions and the subsequent reviews.

Step 7: Final Decision

Once the manuscript meets all requirements and reviewers’ feedback is adequately addressed, the manuscript is accepted for publication. The editorial team then moves forward with copyediting, proofreading, and scheduling the manuscript for publication.

Step 8: Publication

After final approval, the manuscript is formatted according to the publication standards of AkiNik Publications. It is then published in the next available issue of the journal and disseminated to the broader academic community.

Arts and Humanities Research
Engineering Research
Management Research

Types of Peer-Reviewed Journals are available

AkiNik Publications, assuming it's a typical academic publisher, likely offers a variety of peer-reviewed journal types to cater to different academic needs and preferences.

  • Open Access Journals
  • Subscription-Based Journals
  • Field-Specific Journals

Why choose our Peer reviewed journals list

  1. Credibility: Our journals are recognized for their rigorous peer review processes, ensuring that your work is thoroughly vetted and meets high scholarly standards.
  2. Visibility: With inclusion in major indexing databases, publications in our journals gain significant exposure, increasing the likelihood of citations and wider recognition in your field.
  3. Support: We provide extensive author support throughout the submission and publication process, helping you refine your work to meet professional publishing standards.
  4. Diversity: Our diverse range of journals means you can find the perfect fit for your research focus, enhancing the relevance and impact of your work.
  5. Community Engagement: Publishing with us places your research in a vibrant community of scholars, facilitating collaborations and networking opportunities.

Fast track Publication services available for Peer reviewed journals

AkiNik Publications offers a Fast Track Publication option on their Peer-Reviewed Journals designed to streamline and expedite the publication process for researchers needing timely dissemination of their findings. This service is particularly valuable for papers that are of high interest to the community or are time-sensitive, ensuring that critical research can impact the field without the usual delays associated with traditional publishing timelines. AkiNik Publications' fast track option is an excellent choice for researchers who prioritize speed without compromising the quality and integrity of their scholarly work.

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