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Nanomaterials Edited Book | Edited Book on Nanomaterials

This edited book on nanomaterials titled "Nanomaterials: Synthesis, Characterization & Applications" mainly focuses on various topics such as nanomaterial synthesis methods, nanomaterial characterization methods, nanodevices & its applications etc., and the rest are given below in the Scope of the book. This nanomaterials edited book will be published with ISBN and DOI numbers after following a proper double blind peer reviewed process. All the chapters of this nanomaterials edited book will be published in a proper style, so that reader can easily understand and learn.

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Coverpage of Nanomaterials: Synthesis, Characterization & Applications, nanomaterials edited book
Book Scope

  • Nanomaterial Synthesis Methods
  • Nanomaterial Characterization Methods
  • Nanodevices & its Applications
  • Nanomaterials
  • Nanoparticles
  • Coatings and Thin Films
  • Inorganic-Organic Hybrids and Composites i.e. MOFs
  • Membranes
  • Nano-Alloys
  • Quantum Dots
  • Self-Assemblies
  • Graphene
  • Nanotubes etc.
  • Methodologies: Synthesis of Organic
  • Inorganic
  • Hybrid Nanomaterials
  • Characterization of Mesoscopic Properties
  • Modelling of Nanomaterials
  • Mesoscopic Effects
  • Applications: Any Application of New Nanomaterials or New Application of Nanomaterials

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Chief Editor

Dr. Shashank S. Kawar editor of edited book on nanomaterials
Dr. Shashank S. Kawar

Head, Department of Physics, Dr. R. G. Rathod Arts & Science College, Murtizapur, Dist. Akola, Maharashtra, India

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31 Jul 2024

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