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Advanced Innovative Technologies in Agricultural Engineering for Sustainable Agriculture

Book Scope

  • Soil and Water Conservation Engineering: Hydrology
  • Watershed Hydrology and its Management
  • Innovations in Soil and Water Conservation Techniques
  • Use of Remote Sensing and GIS Technologies in Soil and Water Conservation
  • Land smoothening and land Grading Techniques
  • Resource Conservation Technologies and Smart Agriculture
  • Artificial Ground Water Recharge Techniques
  • Soil Erosion Mitigation Techniques
  • Farm Ponds
  • Modeling Techniques used in Soil and Water Conservation
  • Irrigation and Drainage Engineering: Soil-Plant-Water Relationship
  • Crop Water Requirement
  • Groundwater Resources and its Management Techniques
  • Advanced Micro-Irrigation Techniques for Agriculture and Horticulture Crops
  • Applications of Automation and Sensors in Agriculture and Horticulture Crops
  • Drainage Engineering
  • Management of Salt Affected Soils
  • Use of Poor/Saline Quality Water in Agriculture
  • Waste Water Treatment Techniques
  • Advances in Irrigation Water Management/Computer Aided Irrigation Systems
  • Farm Machinery and Power Engineering: Farm Tools and Equipments for Agriculture and Horticulture Crops
  • Mechanization in Vegetable Crops
  • Mechanization on Fruits
  • Plantation and Medicinal and Aromatic Crops
  • Advances in Small Equipments in Agriculture
  • Innovation in Sprayers
  • Planters
  • Threshers and Harvesters
  • Utilization of Renewable Energy Sources
  • Application of Sensors in Agriculture and Horticulture Crops
  • Use of Robotics in Agriculture and Horticulture
  • Use of Drones in Agriculture and Horticulture
  • Post-Harvest and Process Engineering: Post Harvest Technologies for Cereals
  • Pulses and Oil Seeds
  • Food Processing and Value Addition of Agriculture and Horticulture Crops
  • Advances in Storage and Packaging Technologies
  • Millets Processing
  • Advances in Dairy Products and Processing Technologies
  • Application of Nano Technology and Nano Colloids in Agriculture
  • Use of Non-Destructive Techniques in Food Quality Analysis
  • Image Processing and 3D Food Printing Technologies
  • Start-up Schemes for Food Processing Industries
  • Food Analogues
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Techniques in Food Processing

Author Guidelines

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Chief Editor

Dr. M. Nemichandrappa

Dr. M. Nemichandrappa

Professor and DSW, College of Agricultural Engineering, University of Agricultural Sciences, Raichur, Karnataka, India


Dr. Rajkumar R Halidoddi

Assistant Professor, Depaprtment of Soil and Water Engg. Directorate of Research, UAS, Raichur, Karnataka, India

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31 Oct 2022

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