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Advanced Strategies and Approaches for the Treatment of Digital Addiction

Book Scope

  • Internet Addiction: A Review of Its Conceptualization
  • Prevalence
  • Online Social Network Site Addiction: A Comprehensive Review
  • Technological Addictions: Conceptualisation
  • Measurement
  • Etiology and Treatment
  • Smartphone Addiction: Proposed Diagnostic Criteria
  • Gaming Disorder: Chaos and Confusion in Dsm-5 Diagnosis of Internet Gaming Disorder
  • Treatment of Internet Gaming Disorder: Review of The Literature
  • Policy and Prevention Approaches For Disordered and Hazardous Digital Use
  • Approaches to Treatment
  • Neuroscientific Approach
  • Pharmacological Aproach
  • Psychodynamic Approach
  • Behavioral Approach
  • Cognitive Behavioural Approach
  • Psychosocial Approach
  • Group Counseling Approach
  • Family Therapy Approach
  • Systemic Approach
  • Positive Psychology Approach

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31 Jan 2021

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