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Practical Manual on Field Crop Production

Practical Manual on Field Crop Production

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Author(s):Vivek, R.K. Naresh, P.K. Singh, Rajendra Kumar and M. Sharath Chandra
Publisher:AkiNik Publications
Publication Year:2020

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The manual consist of classification of arable crops, crop identification & judging, different plant nutrient sources, estimation of fertilizer requirement, estimation of seed requirement, Precision water management, weed management, estimation of yield, and cost of cultivation. The manual covers all major practical aspects of crop production. It seems to be of great value not only to the students but also to the farmers and other persons engaged in crop production. The content is useful not only for farmers but also for other stakeholders involved in farm services and extension functionaries working at grass roots level. We trust that this manual will benefit maximum number of farmers to make farming economically and environmentally more sustainable.
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