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Breeding Behaviour and Parental Care of Open-Billed Stork

Breeding Behaviour and Parental Care of Open-Billed Stork

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Author(s):Prof. (Dr.) Chanchal Kumar Manna, Dr. Alok Kumar Pramanik and Dr. Kalyan Brata Santra
Publisher:AkiNik Publications
Publication Year:2019

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Raiganj Wildlife Sanctuary (West Bengal, India) is one of the most notable bird sanctuary in India. Every year large number of Open-billed stork come in this sanctuary for breeding purpose. in this book, a details study have been made on the arrival and departure time, diversity in nest pattern, allopreening behaviour, egg laying, hatching, fledging success and parental care of this bird species. This fantastic edition includes 86 colour photographs showing the most amazing activities of the bird in their natural habitats and 25 tables containing data about the breeding life of the stork. The aerial display mechanism, preferred nesting trees, successful copulation steps, egg morphometry, developmental stages of chick, feeding procedure of youngs and different trainings by the parent have been described thoroughly inside the book. This book is helpful for bird watchers, ornithologists, Wildlife photographers, nature lovers, Professors', Guides, libraries and general readers.
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