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Abhirājayaśobhūṣaṇam of Abhiraja Rajendra Mishra

Abhirājayaśobhūṣaṇam of Abhiraja Rajendra Mishra

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Author(s):Mridusmita Bharadwaj
Publisher:AkiNik Publications
Publication Year:2019

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The present book Abhirājayaśobhūṣaṇam of Abhiraja Rajendra Mishra deals with the new approaches towards definition of poetry (kāvyasvarūpa), equipment of poet (kāvyahetu), purpose of poetry (kāvyaprayojana), classifications of poetry (kāvyaśākhā), divisions of dṛśyakāvya, divisions of śravyakāvya, contemporary literary forms galajjalikā and chandomuktakāvya. An attempt has been made in this book to exhibit the transformation of the Sanskrit literary forms from ancient to modern period in terms of canons, themes, styles etc. in consideration to explore new sorts of Sanskrit poetry and to find out the level of acceptability of these literary forms and poetics with the contemporary world, this book has been composed.
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