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Advances in Computer Science (Volume - 22)

Advances in Computer Science (Volume - 22)

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Chief Editor:Dr. Mukesh Singla
Co-editor(s):Manisha Verma
Publisher:AkiNik Publications
Publication Year:2024

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The book entitled "Advances in Computer Science (Volume - 22)" is edited by Dr. Mukesh Singla and Manisha Verma.

The content of the book is as follows:

  • Mastering Cloud Databases: Strategies for Scalability, Security and Performance
  • The Role of Machine Learning and Internet of things in Smart Agriculture
  • Interactive Improved Voice Assistant using Machine Learning Techniques
  • The Transformative Potential of Machine Learning and Deep Learning Models in Healthcare
  • Traffic Management System using IoT, AI and Machine Learning
  • Deep Learning Renaissance: Reshaping Medical Imaging Analysis
  • Empowering Healthcare with Natural Language Processing
  • Convolutional Neural Networks for Medical Images Diagnosis
  • Exploring Alzheimer's disease Detection through Machine Learning: A Comprehensive Review and Future Perspectives
  • Federated Machine Learning in Medical Science: A Prospective Investigation
  • Quantum Computing: Unlocking the Future
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