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Cultivation and Modern Techniques of Minor Vegetable Crops

Cultivation and Modern Techniques of Minor Vegetable Crops

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Editor(s):Dr. Santosh Maida, Chetna Shaktawat, Samrath Lal Patidar, Ku. Pooja Mishra and Dr. Priyanka Gangele
Publisher:AkiNik Publications
Publication Year:2024

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Numerous significant methods and strategies for producing vegetable crops are covered in the book Cultivation and Modern Techniques of Vegetable Crops. Seventeen chapters cover a wide range of topics, including the botanical description of vegetable crops, their nutritional value, importance, and scope, Location and management, and the production technology of various vegetable crops like Amaranthus, asparagus, broad beans, chow-chow, cluster beans, curry leaves, drumsticks, globe artichokes, ivy gourds, Jack beans, Kale, Papino, snake gourds, spine gourds, sweet gourds, tree beans, tree tomatoes, winged beans, etc. All these topics are clearly and easily understood by the reader. Students majoring in horticulture and related fields, both undergraduate and graduate, would find the book to be quite helpful. Students preparing for the ICAR, ARS, NET, and other service exams might also find it helpful. We tried our hardest to develop a high-quality book using a variety of reliable sources, according to the same style and standards as other reliable works. The publisher must be diligent, patient, and understanding to publish a book. We express our gratitude to Aki Nik Publication, New Delhi, for their exceptional characteristics and unwavering commitment to the success of this book. Thus, words cannot adequately convey our boundless respect, devotion, and appreciation for the publishers and printers who have dedicated their all to the production of this book. We always appreciate your feedback, both positive and negative, on how we can improve this book.
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