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Entrepreneurial Horizons: Exploring Agribusiness Opportunities in Northeast India

Entrepreneurial Horizons: Exploring Agribusiness Opportunities in Northeast India

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Editor(s):Aniruddha Roy, N. Uttam Singh, Sandip Patra, Debasish Chakraborty, Anjoo Yumnam and Thameridus B. Marak
Publisher:AkiNik Publications
Publication Year:2024

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The book “Entrepreneurial Horizons: Exploring Agribusiness opportunities in Northeast India” is a collection of research articles representing a concerted effort to shed light on the diverse array of opportunities and challenges facing agribusiness entrepreneurs in the unique context of Northeast India. Northeast India, often referred to as the "Seven Sisters", comprises eight states known for their rich cultural diversity, stunning landscapes, and abundant natural resources. Despite these inherent advantages, the region has faced various socio-economic challenges, including geographical isolation, infrastructural constraints, and limited access to markets. However, it is precisely within these challenges that opportunities for innovative agribusiness ventures emerge. The genesis of this book stems from our collective recognition of the untapped potential within Northeast India's agricultural sector. Through meticulous research and scholarly inquiry, the contributors to this volume have delved into various facets of agribusiness, from beekeeping to carbon farming, from traditional Mithun production systems to the integration of Internet of Things (IoT) in food processing. Each article offers valuable insights into the entrepreneurial spirit that drives individuals and communities to harness the region's agricultural bounty for economic prosperity and sustainable development. One of the key themes that permeates this volume is the importance of entrepreneurship in driving positive change in the agricultural landscape of Northeast India. This book also underscores the significance of collaboration and partnership in fostering a conducive ecosystem for agribusiness development.
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