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Contemporary Practical Periodontics

Contemporary Practical Periodontics

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Author(s):Prof. (Dr.) Suhail Majid Jan, Dr. Showkat A. Bhat, Dr. Rafiya Nazir
Publisher:AkiNik Publications
Publication Year:2024

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There have been tremendous changes in the field of periodontics in recent years with the evolving new research in the subject of aetiology, pathogenesis, classification, management, materials, instruments and techniques used. The efficient, effective and successful management of periodontal diseases depends on knowledge of sound biological and mechanical principles based on recent scientific evidence, the critical judgement of assessing details and clinical skills. This book has categorised the chapters in a systematic approach that includes introduction with background knowledge to aetiology, pathogenesis; new classification and its application; diagnoses; fundamentals of treatment planning and prognoses; prevention and management of periodontitis and peri-implant diseases; current information about specific techniques and instruments used in routine work by the clinicians. This provides sound background, strong foundation and most current scientific evidence/d review aimed at the training dental students, practising clinicians and teaching professional in periodontology. It provides a unique and contemporary practical guide currently available to the professionals in periodontics that basis on 'primary' and 'secondary care' experiences.
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