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Consumer Perception about Labelling and Food Fraud Prevention

Consumer Perception about Labelling and Food Fraud Prevention

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Author(s):Maria João Pinho Moreira, José M.M.M. de Almeida, Juan García-Díez and Cristina Maria Teixeira Saraiva
Publisher:AkiNik Publications
Publication Year:2023

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Currently, there are a risen concern by agri-food-industry and consumers about food fraud. It is a tremendous global problem which can have substantial implications for consumer health, safety, and confidence in the food industry. The lack of confidence in the food supply chain originates economic consequences for consumers and food producers. It is important to block food fraud implementing regulations and standards and also international efforts to enhance food safety and authenticity. This book covers crucial parameters about food fraud, specifically consumer perception, preventive legislation and prevention methods such as spectroscopy.
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