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A Textbook of Canine Parvoviral Infection in Dogs

A Textbook of Canine Parvoviral Infection in Dogs

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Author(s):Dr. Shubhangi Warke
Publisher:AkiNik Publications
Publication Year:2023

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Canine parvovirus 2 (CPV-2) has been considered to be an important pathogen of domestic and wild canids and has spread worldwide since its emergence in 1978. It has been reported from Asia, Australia, New Zealand, the Americas and Europe. CPV-2,the causative agent of acute hemorrhagic enteritis and myocarditis in dogs, is one of the most important pathogenic viruses with high morbidity (100%) and frequent mortality up to 10% in adult dogs and 91% in pups. The disease condition has been complicated further due to emergence of a number of variants namely CPV-2a, CPV- 2b and CPV-2c over the years and involvement of domestic and wild canines. There are a number of different serological and molecular tests available for prompt, specific and accurate diagnosis of the disease. Further, both live attenuated and inactivated vaccines are available to control the disease in animals.but still every year many pups are suffering from the diseases.the presence of maternal antibodies often interferes with the active immunization with live attenuated vaccine and there always exists a window of susceptibility in spite of following proper immunization regimen. In India, no reference laboratory for CPV currently exists. The knowledge gained during the course of this research has helped to established molecular and serologic facilities for diagnosis of CPV in dogs .The research could serve the focus of research efforts to a relatively small number of specific genomic region, to elucidate their possible involvement in virulence and adaptive physiology attributes of epidemic associated CPV .
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