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General Agroforestry

General Agroforestry

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Editor(s):Dr. Atul Singh, Dr. Anil Kumar Kori, Dr. Vijay Bagare and Dr. KP Dwivedi
Publisher:AkiNik Publications
Publication Year:2023

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This book deals with the important aspect of agroforestry. It will generate interest among teachers, extension workers, students and farmers to increase production through agroforestry. In this book we include key points, important terms and practices used in establishment of agroforestry system and agroforestry land use technique which is easily understood by the farmers and extension workers to establish different types of agroforestry system according their need and resource availability. Now important multipurpose tree, energy plantation tree species is very essential to fulfill basic needs food, fodder and fuel to the villagers. The national and international agencies work in forestry and agroforestry, planning of agrofrestry, their constrants and their solution by survey methods, selection criteria of agroforestry tree and crop are easily describe in this book. So this book cover all fundamental aspect as well as field application on various aspect of agroforestry and for small and marginal farmers agroforestry plantation serve as a saving bank and result in forced saving which is of vital necessity to take them out of poverty zone. It is based on the various books, research journals and edited volume published in India aswellas in foreign countries.
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