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Comprehensive Statistics and Excel Cheat Sheet for Data Science

Comprehensive Statistics and Excel Cheat Sheet for Data Science

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Author(s):S. Qurat Ul Ain and Khalid Ul Islam Rather
Publisher:AkiNik Publications
Publication Year:2023

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The Statistics with Excel cheat sheet encapsulates the fundamental principles and equations in statistics and probability, which will be essential in your data science career. This essay comprehensively covers the crucial statistical concepts that data scientists encounter. Statistics forms a cornerstone of data science, and almost all data science projects require the application of the techniques discussed.In practical scenarios, you will engage in model construction, training, assessment, and statistical analysis. Given the significance of hypothesis testing and sampling methods in these data science activities, they are commonly addressed in interviews. We have supplemented much of the theoretical content with real-world examples drawn from our experience in data science.The need for an extensive statistics and probability cheat sheet that goes beyond the basics, such as mean, median, and mode, became evident during my applications for data science positions. Therefore, we will delve into the key topics that frequently arise in data science. These sections provide material that is more practical and applicable, focusing on statistical methods rather than fundamental concepts.In today's contemporary era, where businesses seek solutions in plain language, specialized software for statistical analysis is prevalent. It plays a vital role in decision-making and addressing your company's challenges. Although Excel may not be as potent as software specifically designed for statistical analysis, it remains capable of handling the majority of statistical analytical tasks in a user-friendly manner. To work effectively on statistical analysis with Excel, however, one must be a proficient user of the program.
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