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Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders Cognitive Theory and Intervention

Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders Cognitive Theory and Intervention

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Author(s):Rachana Maurya
Publisher:AkiNik Publications
Publication Year:2023

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Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders Cognitive Theory and Intervention

This book grew out of a number of research conducted in ASD children. My first aim in writing this book is to provide comprehensive understanding on cognitive functioning: executive functioning, understand cognitive mental state, and central coherence of children with ASD. While going through literature it has been observed that ASD children often feel difficulties in their cognitive functioning. I present a summary of the main psychological theories of ASD that have been brought to bear on ASD in resent scenario, try to identify cognitive skills in order to improve cognitive functioning and reduce cognitive deficits in ASD children. My second aim is to highlight the possible available intervention approaches and to develop a critical standpoint in readers and viewers that will help them evaluate new manualized toolkit as it appears. My third aim is to provide comprehensive information on cognitive skill/task how we should take our ideas forward. I have tried to focus the different theoretical aspect in a dispassionate way and to view my ideas about cognitive tasks and those of others in the light of cognitive theories.

In this book I have been provide special attention on Piaget based cognitive developmental approach and how tasks will improve cognitive skills in children with ASD in Indian context. Furthermore, I have introduced all 24 cognitive task which is based on existing cognitive theories of ASD. The chapters devoted to treatment approaches considerately explore the cognitive theories of ASD includes executive functioning, understand cognitive mental states, and central coherence, and also focused on cognitive skills based on these theories. Further, detailed presentation of case study and also includes to understand how cognitive intervention play significant role to improve cognitive skills of ASD children.
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