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Critical Review of the New Education Policy in the Present Context

Critical Review of the New Education Policy in the Present Context

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Author(s):Prof. (Dr.) Nimmi Maharshi, Dr. Gunmala Gugalia and Nirmal Singh
Publisher:AkiNik Publications
Publication Year:2022

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The aim of this book is to inform readers about the NEP 2020. It strives to give a holistic approach to learning and fix the flaws in the earlier policies. However, a thorough examination of the NEP reveals both advantages and disadvantages that must be taken into account in the current situation. The Indian educational system may experience improvements as a result of the New Education Policy. It is admirable that it places such a focus on holistic development, adaptability, and technological integration. For the strategy to be truly effective, however, implementation issues, issues with inequity, and issues with assessment methodologies must be carefully addressed. The policy must be amended to the current situation in order to be successful, and stakeholders including the government, educational institutions, and other stakeholders must work together to build an inclusive and transformational educational system.
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