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Honey Bee Management

Honey Bee Management

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Author(s):Muneer Ahmad
Publisher:AkiNik Publications
Publication Year:2023

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Honey bee in Kashmir are known for its quality honey in the world besides perform a special service by pollinating several plant species. But the performance of honey bees depends on the over-all health of the colony which directly depends on the availability of bee flora in a region. The present book is being written to help the beekeepers for maintaining their livestock. Apis cerana, the Asian hive bee, and its various sub-species, is threatened in Jammu and Kashmir. There is Absconding issue in this species. The studies suggest that the Apis cerana found in the state are not only larger but also higher honey-yielding. Jammu and Kashmir, owing to its varied agro-climate, has a great variety of bee forage sources which provide the basis for development of beekeeping industry in the UT.By recording bee flora the objective is to evaluate the suitability of a locality for beekeeping and particularly to find out dearth periods that would help to combat the storage of food either by suitable feeding or migration of bee colonies to forage rich areas. This book provides all information about the floral identification in Kashmir first time with photos.
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