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Synthesis, Spectral and Structural Studies of Organotellurium Compounds

Synthesis, Spectral and Structural Studies of Organotellurium Compounds

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Author(s):Dr. Vikas Singh and Dr. Shrinkhala Dwivedi
Publisher:AkiNik Publications
Publication Year:2023

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The book entitled “Synthesis, Spectral and Structural Studies of Organotellurium Compounds” embodies the research work carried out by author. About three dozen new Organotellurium complexes have been synthesized and characterized on the basis of elemental analysis, FT-IR and 1H NMR data. (13C, 125Te) solution NMR spectral analyses of representative complexes have been done. The single crystal X-ray diffraction studies of some complexes have been carried out. The data have been used to visualize the primary geometry around tellurium atom, which in general, is distorted pseudotrigonal bipyramidal with one stereochemically active electron lone pair occupying one of the equatorial positions. The (Te---X) (X= Cl, Br, I, O, S) secondary bonds have been utilized to generate trimeric, tetrameric, hexameric, octameric and decameric supramolecular associations in the complexes. Some salient features of tellurium-carbon bond formation is also included in the form of Te-C bond cleaved product.
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