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Author(s):Dr. Sathish L.A.
Publisher:AkiNik Publications
Publication Year:2023

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Avichchinna means continuous. Avichchinna also has meanings like unbroken. But, I have titled this book “Avichchinna” with an adjective as continuous. The reason is that, once the feeling of writing arises in the mind, it is incessant like a wave. It has no beginning and no end. If it is blocked or attempted to be stopped, elegant depictions in the form of writings are produced. Avichchinna here has the same meaning.
This book is a collection of several articles I have written. An attempt has been made to express the essence of recent happenings viz., social, health, educational, research, and personal activities in the form of articles under various headings. There is no doubt in this collection that some in-depth analyses, scathing reviews, scientific articles, comparative studies, speeches, poems, wishes, etc., fabricate a feel that is representative of the daily happenings. As a science teacher myself, this is a great inspiration to indulge in the writing hobby. This is my first book dedicated to the world of Kannada literature.
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