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Trends in Agriculture using IoT: A Book Which Covers Agriculture and IoT Computer Science

Trends in Agriculture using IoT: A Book Which Covers Agriculture and IoT Computer Science

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Editor(s):Mr. Nirmal Singh, Mr. Ajay Kumar Suwalka and Dr. Gunmala Gugalia
Publisher:AkiNik Publications
Publication Year:2023

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This book aims to provide a technical and understandable introduction to the use of IOT and AI for agricultural improvement, as well as necessary insights and deep understanding of key concepts in IOT and AI. The following are some of the important concepts that will be explored throughout the book. Sensor-based agriculture, smart water management, Drone use, pest control, end-to-end farming management, smart livestock management, Weather prediction, and so on. Since ancient times, agriculture has been practiced in every nation. Plant cultivation is both an art and a science in agriculture. The development of the nation relied heavily on agriculture. Utilizing cutting-edge automation technologies to improve agricultural yield and quality is becoming increasingly important as the world moves toward them. IoT is assisting agriculture in numerous ways, including crop and weed monitoring, irrigation, and more. This work proposes a novel strategy for developing an automated system capable of regulating crop monitoring in agricultural areas, which is difficult for humans to do. The crops that the farmer is cultivating on his or her agricultural land may also influence the choices that the farmer makes. This proposed design has the potential to reduce crop devastation as a result of its ability to identify undesirable individuals.
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