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Frequent Pattern Mining in Large Databases

Frequent Pattern Mining in Large Databases

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Author(s):Dr. Chandrashekhar Raghuvanshi and Dr. Hari Om Sharan
Publisher:AkiNik Publications
Publication Year:2022

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Data Mining is one of the most important subjects which play a vital role in business intelligence and most especially in the business decision making process. It's gaining more importance as our computing power and data storage capacity is increasing day by day. We can understand data mining as an advancement of DBMS and students are confused to understand the actual difference between both subjects. In this book the author made a clear distinction between the data mining and dbms. This book explores the basic intuitions of the subject with its wide applicability in our business and gaining important insights from the huge volume of data. Different types of databases such as flat file databases, relational databases and warehouses that we can use in mining as data repositories are also covered with different types of mining system structures. This book has explored in detail about different data mining techniques and mainly emphasizes frequent pattern mining and association rule mining techniques. This is the edition of this book and suggestions are invited from the readers for improvement in the next edition.
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