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Textbook of Essentials of Management

Textbook of Essentials of Management

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Editor(s):Swapnil Rahane, Shashi Prabha, Prashant Sharma and Balram Kathaliya
Publisher:AkiNik Publications
Publication Year:2023

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The textbook of essentials of management specially contributed and edited by academicians from the multidisciplinary field. This textbook covers the principles and all the important aspect of management which are the essential for functioning of any organization. In this textbook chapters related to principles, budgeting, team dynamics, human resource management, conflict resolution in management, delegation, communication, Organizational functions of various health care institutions, State and national health policies of India, National Population Policy, Human Resource Management, Directing strategies in the management, Public Relations, Legal and ethical issues in management are written by the professional from the different filed.
We hope this textbook will be helpful to the students to learn about the management and leadership in detail. We are thankful to the contributors of the chapter who have given their valuable contributions to this book. If there are any shortcomings, errors or suggestions, please write us: we will welcome them with thanks.
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