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Regional Planning & Development

Regional Planning & Development

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Author(s):Reet Bishnoi
Publisher:AkiNik Publications
Publication Year:2022

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Regional planning is a type of planning that involves the synthesis of physical, political, cultural and economic interests of an area. It is discussed that regional planning has its roots largely in geography, since, in particular, only the geographer studies regional resources and its problems and the interactions between natural, physical and human factors in a region.
The concept of region and its territorial location is an area of special concern for geography. According to researchers, regional geography is the main area of geography. This is because geographers have a better knowledge of the region and its environment so that they can help regional policy-makers to understand the environmental context and the process of fusion of new initiatives and techniques in a region. The regional planning convention emphasizes the philosophy of the territorial unity of the region (each region is unique but not isolated from its neighboring region) and the study of geographers emphasizes this aspect. As there is a close relationship between regional geography and regional planning in particular, only geographers, who understand the essential quality of this relationship, can provide the necessary support for regional planning.
This book is more comprehensive both in theory and practice of regional planning. Most chapters have been viewed with respect to conceptual framework. Newly emerging concepts like Delhi Master plan 2025 have been added.
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