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Textbook of Organic Chemistry II (Strictly as Per PCI Syllabus) for B. Pharmacy 3rd Semester

Textbook of Organic Chemistry II (Strictly as Per PCI Syllabus) for B. Pharmacy 3rd Semester

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Author(s):Dr. Neetu Chopra, Prof. Sandeep Jain and Dr. Jitender Madan
Publisher:AkiNik Publications
Publication Year:2022

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The book entitled “Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry II” particularly script for the students of Bachelor of Pharmacy 3rd Semester as per the new syllabus of Pharmacy council of India (PCI). This book covers the contents comprises Benzene and its derivatives, in this module, Huckle’s rule, Molecular orbital diagram of benzene, evidence to show the aromaticity, electrophilic substitution reaction of benzene clarified in detail with mechanism and derivatives of benzene has explained elaborately. In addition to this, second module contains the phenol, aromatic amines and aromatic acids. In this module we concentrated on the preparation, chemical reactions and effect of substituents on their reactivity in detail with mechanism. Moreover, the third module pertaining the information of fats and oils, how the fat is synthesized, physical properties of fat, chemical properties of fats and saponification, acidic, iodine and ester value of fats. Furthermore, the fourth module is all about polynuclear hydrocarbons, we targeted the preparation, chemical properties with mechanism and its derivatives as per syllabus. In last module information regarding cycloalkanes is bring up why cycloalkanes show strain and its limitations.
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