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Artificial Intelligence - Applications

Artificial Intelligence - Applications

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Author(s):Dr. Meesala Sudhir Kumar, Dr. G.N.R. Prasad, Dr. R. Vijayakumar, Dr. P. Nancy and Rajesh George Rajan
Publisher:AkiNik Publications
Publication Year:2022

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Artificial intelligence is one of the newer sciences, it started after the Second World War and currently covers a huge variety of subfields, from general-purpose areas like learning and perception to specific tasks like chess games, and theorem demonstration. mathematicians, poetry creation, and disease diagnosis. Artificial intelligence systematizes and automates intellectual tasks and is therefore potentially relevant to any sphere of human intellectual activity. In this sense, it is a universal field. Artificial intelligence is a branch of Computer Science whose interest is in making computers think or behave intelligently. Because it is a very broad topic, AI is also related to psychology, biology, mathematical logic, linguistics, engineering, and philosophy, among other scientific areas. It is worth highlighting some applications developed by this system.
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