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A Textbook on Fisheries Management

A Textbook on Fisheries Management

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Author(s):Asifa Wali, Ishrat Mohd, Tasaduq H Shah and FA Bhat
Publisher:AkiNik Publications
Publication Year:2022

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A Textbook on Fisheries Management relates to harnessing regenerative aquatic resources, where fisheries management seeks to provide long-term biological, environmental, and economic advantages. Benthic macroinverbrates are the subject of the chapter 1, which also includes information on significant species. The biological diversity and types are covered in chapter 2. Information on concerns with capture fisheries and their effects on the environment and fisheries and conservation measures has been separated out in chapter 3. The primary points of chapter 4 are information on cryopreservation in fisheries, which is important for conserving the gene pool of numerous fish species that are threatened. Chapter 5 presents waste water treatment technologies all at once and accounts for information on numerous techniques that are simple to compile. The importance of nutraceuticals in fisheries is discussed in chapter 6. There are sufficient examples to explain overfishing and how it affects the fisheries industry as described in chapter 7. Bycatch is in-depth discussed in chapter 8 to emphasize the significance of fisheries management. Chapter 9 provides detailed information on the anthropogenic influence of dams, while chapter 10 covers fisheries disaster management. Modern fisheries management is typically described as a governmental system of appropriate environmental management rules based on a set of clearly defined objectives and a variety of management approaches to achieve those objectives; cleanup of our environment using biotechnology is given in detail in chapter 11.
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