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An Analysis of the Growing Impact of Social Media on Society and Business

An Analysis of the Growing Impact of Social Media on Society and Business

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Author(s):Dr. Sameer Kumar
Publisher:AkiNik Publications
Publication Year:2022

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Business and society have been greatly impacted by the emergence of social media. Our interactions, communication, and engagement with one another have changed. For businesses and organisations, social media has brought up both new opportunities and challenges. Additionally, it has had a big influence on how we live and work. Social media has fundamentally transformed how businesses market and advertise their goods and services from a commercial perspective. Additionally, it has altered how consumers and customers communicate with organisations. To reach their target consumers in the past, firms had to rely on conventional marketing channels. But today, social media gives businesses access to a far larger audience. Social media has an equally significant impact on society. The world has become considerably smaller and our ability to communicate with one another has changed. It has also provided people with a forum to express their ideas and viewpoints on a variety of subjects. This book examines the impact of social media on our thinking, business, and society using 12 factors. It also investigates how digital media may be both a formidable propagator of misinformation and a vehicle for social causes.
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