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Laboratory Manuals (Cytogenetic & Molecular)

Laboratory Manuals (Cytogenetic & Molecular)

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Author(s):Chingangbam Dhananjoy Singh
Publisher:AkiNik Publications
Publication Year:2022

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Cytogenetic of both plant and animal materials are studied with the easiest possible from a practical point of view. The plant materials included is onion that enable to study both somatic and germinal. The interphase cells of the onion somatic cells enable us to know a little bit about the nuclear architectures and chromosomal behaviour. The animal cells from grasshopper to mammalian cells to study the conventional chromosomal identification and chromosome banding.
The fundamental or basics of molecular biology starts from DNA extraction, running PCR with particular primers, and phylogenetic tree construction using the MEGA 5 after DNA sequencing were given emphasized. The book will be very helpful for the students and researchers as a starter.
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