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Research Trends in Science and Technology

Research Trends in Science and Technology

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Editor(s):Dr. Mukunda Madhab Borah and Dr. Kuldeep Gogoi
Publisher:AkiNik Publications
Publication Year:2022

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This book mainly focuses on multi-disciplinary topics across the different sections of Science and Technology. The chapters consist of both the review articles and original research works. These include articles from bio-inorganic chemistry background such as interaction of oxides of nitrogen with transition metal complexes which are very important in terms of understanding biological systems. We have included other topics from theoretical and experimental chemistry perspective as well which will provide some useful insights into the ongoing methodologies and technologies adopted for research on those fields. We have also included chapters from emerging topics of Material Science and Physics. In addition, topic on use of modern technology (ICT) in terms of improving efficiency in classroom and demonstration will give some real benefits to the readers. This book includes some very interesting results from scholars from renowned institutes on catalysis based on nanomaterials and inorganic complexes, topics from life sciences etc. Accordingly, this book will target audiences from different sections of science and technology with a perspective of providing some quality information on research trends currently undergoing across different areas.
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