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Application of Soft Computing Techniques for Renewable Energy System

Application of Soft Computing Techniques for Renewable Energy System

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Author(s):Dr. G. Banu, Dr. L. Anbarasu and Dr. R. Gunasekaran
Publisher:AkiNik Publications
Publication Year:2022

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Today society is mainly dependent on its energy supply. Electricity forms the essential source of energy. Lighting, heating, cooling, communication, transportation, manufacturing, processing industries, are all dependent on power. Economic development of a country is dependent on energy. The future economic growth of a nation depends on the availability of energy that is affordable, accessible and environmentally friendly. Alternative energy sources, such as solar power and fuel cells, are appealing since they are non-polluting. Grid-connected soft computing techniques are necessary for alternative energy source electricity generation in order to use the existing infrastructure of the utility grid for power devices and distribution. For many of these applications, the input dc voltage is often lower than the output peak voltage and can fluctuate widely.
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