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Abiotic Stress Management in Vegetable Crops

Abiotic Stress Management in Vegetable Crops

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Author(s):Jyothsna J
Publisher:AkiNik Publications
Publication Year:2022

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Recent developments in the field of abiotic stress tolerance in diverse vegetable crops are included in this book. The primary obstacles to increasing the productivity of vegetable crops are the many abiotic stressors, which are often brought on by regional and global climate change. The main abiotic stressors that negatively impact growth and production and can cause a variety of morphological, physiological, biochemical, and molecular alterations in different vegetable crops include heat, drought, cold, and salinity. Addressing the gap in the knowledge, this book is presented with 12 chapters covering the abiotic stress types, mechanism of abiotic stress tolerance, usage of anti-transpirants, soil-plant-water relationships under various abiotic stresses and application of climate resilient technologies were briefed. Among the different climate resilient crop producing technologies, the seed priming is given an emphasis, as it is considered promising in alleviation of abiotic stresses. As such, this book offers a valuable resource suited for graduate students working in the fields of abiotic stress mitigation.
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