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Fundamentals of Vermicomposting

Fundamentals of Vermicomposting

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Author(s):Khushbu, Rachna Gulati, Sushma and Komal Arya
Publisher:AkiNik Publications
Publication Year:2022

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This book explains vermicomposting, a technology that is an alternative to solid waste management systems and is based on the application of earthworms. It also covers a wide range of earthworm treatments, from agroindustrial to home waste. It also discusses the biology of these worms, as well as how to keep and create adequate bedding for this biological solid waste treatment. Someone should be interested in vermicomposting or worm rearing, this book also includes fundamental knowledge and vermicomposting experiences. This book is intended for anybody interested in vermicomposting, including individuals, businesses, researchers, instructors, students, and other academics.
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