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Host Modulation Therapy in Periodontics

Host Modulation Therapy in Periodontics

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Author(s):Dr. Rashidat Ul Khairat, Dr. Rafiya Nazir, Dr. Suhail Majid Jan and Dr. Roobal Behal
Publisher:AkiNik Publications
Publication Year:2022

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Host modulation is the concept that deal with modifying the destructive aspect of the host response so as to halt the disease or even helps in the regeneration of the last periodontal tissue. It includes the use of chemotherapeutic agents in the form of either systemic agents or local agents. The host modulating agent are used as anjunt to either non surgical or surgical procedures used in periodontics. The various agents used include Bisphosphonates, NSAIDs, cytokine antagonist, Enamel matrix derivatives, various growth factors, Nitrous oxide inhibitors and many more are under investigation for use in periodontics
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