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A Handbook on Bhagandra

A Handbook on Bhagandra

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Author(s):Dr. Shipra Sharma and Dr. Sorabh Kumar Raina
Publisher:AkiNik Publications
Publication Year:2022

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'A Handbook On Bhagandra' is a complete guide for Ayurvedic scholars. This book is a full package with all the basic concepts in ayurvedic and modern medical science. It gives a detailed information about the disease bhagandra (Fistula-in-Ano) with anal anatomy. This book has been written in a simple and easy language which contains coloured labelled pictures and tables to help the Ayurveda students to understand the disease along with the treatment part in a very easy and simple way with both ayurvedic and modern aspect.

Content of this book are:
  • Anatomical Concept of Guda
  • Physiological Concept of Guda
  • What Is Bhagandra Roga?
  • Why This Disease Happens?
  • Types of Bhagandra
  • Management of Bhagandra
  • Ksharsutra In Bhagandra
  • Pathya-Apathya
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