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Understanding Behavioural Pedodontics

Understanding Behavioural Pedodontics

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Author(s):Dr. Mohamad Arshid Khanday
Publisher:AkiNik Publications
Publication Year:2021

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Behaviour management is crucial to successfully provide paediatric dental care and this book certainly provides the reader with the information to do so. I perceived that there is a need for students, undergraduate and postgraduate alike, as well as for the professional community to get intimated with the contemporary and futuristic “state of the art” on managing children in the dental office and this became the starter clue for me in writing this book with two main aims. The first is to convey the basic principles of child development and the second is to explain the various techniques available to manage this in order to instill a positive attitude in the child in the dental office

Content of this book are:

  • Introduction
  • Child Psychology - Basic Understanding
  • Theories of Child Psychology
  • Understanding Social and Emotional Development of Child
  • Behaviour
  • Understanding Children's Dental Anxiety and Psychological Approaches to its Reduction
  • Factors Which Affect Child’s Behaviour in the Dental Office
  • Non-Pharmacological Behaviour Management
  • Pharmacological Behaviour Management
  • Parents’ Attitudes toward Behaviour Management Techniques during Dental Treatment
  • Behaviour Management of a Special Child
  • Behaviour Management of an Autistic Child

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