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Bulletin Social-Economic and Humanitarian Research (Russia)

Bulletin Social-Economic and Humanitarian Research (Russia)

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Publisher:Voronezh: Ershov Bogdan Anatolievich

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The main focus of the journal is the publication of innovative articles that open up new perspectives and horizons in the coverage of social and humanitarian problems of History and Modernity. in comparison with other similar editions, the journal publishes articles in new scientific fields: "Institutional History“, including ”History of the Institute of the Orthodox Church“, ”Institutional Economics“, including ”Economics of the Institute of The Labor Market" and other newest areas of scientific research. Journal specializes in promoting interdisciplinary collaboration and publishes articles that use methodological concepts from areas such as “Historical Anthropology”, “Archeology”, “Art History”, "History of Science and Technology", “Colonial and Postcolonial Research,” “Gender Research”, "Praxeology", including "General Theory of Human Interactions", "Sports and Recreation Activities in the System of Youth Education" and “World History”.



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  April 25, 2022

Reputed journal

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