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Practical Manual on Crop Water Environment

Practical Manual on Crop Water Environment

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Author(s):R.K. Naresh, Vivek, Vineet Kumar, Rajendra Kumar, Lali Jat, Pradeep Kumar Singh and Mohd Shahalam
Publisher:AkiNik Publications
Publication Year:2021

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Water is one of the most important components of our environment. Water is necessary for every organism. There is no life without water. It is a source, transformer and source of nutrient, 70-90% water is the constituent of our body as well as plant. in every physiological process from nutrient uptake to glucose formation water is very essential. Water is the basic requirement of agriculture. Agricultural developments of any country depend upon water availability. As we know that water is a limited resource we have to use it very carefully so for efficient use of water, we have some technologies. Hence, for efficient use of water we want to provide you some basic of water management. We tried to complete this task. in this manual on crop water environment for irrigation systems are very simple, but effective methods for making water available to crops. Manual crop water environment used different methods for precision irrigation are easy to handle and there is no need for technical equipment. But it is important that they are constructed correctly to avoid water loss and crop shortfall. The systems allow for high self-help compatibility and have low initial capital costs. They can be used in almost every area, but they are especially adapted for arid areas where evaporation rates are high. The manual gives attention to climatologically aspect of rainfall as a key component in the design of water harvesting technologies. The practical manual will be of immense use to students and researchers who desire to further devote their career for protection of natural ecosystems and for increasing agricultural productivity with sustainability.
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