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Computer Aided Drug Design and Tools Directory

Computer Aided Drug Design and Tools Directory

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Author(s):Chittipolu Ajay Kumar and Divya Sreepada
Publisher:AkiNik Publications
Publication Year:2021

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The computer aided drug design uses computational approaches for analysis of targets, screening methods, interaction of ligands, simulation, optimization of leads, QSAR analysis, ADMET studies. Due to technological advancements large numbers of computational tools are developed to accomplish the different objectives in designing of the drugs. The present book “Computer aided drug design and tools directory” has been written considering the students and researchers working in CADD domain. This book provides basic knowledge like principles, approaches, and drug designing tools involved in CADD. The steps and use of different computational approaches have been explained with the help of simple, suitable and neat sketches and illustrations. This book is full of a lot of resources that can guide and motivate a learner to proceed for drug designing.
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