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Local Drug Delivery in Periodontics

Local Drug Delivery in Periodontics

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Author(s):Dr. Ankur Singh Rajpoot, Dr. Kiran Dodani and Dr. Neha Khare
Publisher:AkiNik Publications
Publication Year:2020

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Periodontitis is traditionally considered a bacterial infection, many variables influence treatment outcomes. These include systemic factors, psychological influences, diet, genetic and intrinsic individual attributes, and environmental circumstances. in the management of most human diseases, the treatment phase involves either or both of two options - removal of the aetiological factors and/or modifying or blocking the disease. As evidence for bacterial specificity in Periodontitis has accumulated and strengthened over the past three decades, the use of systemic antibiotics in periodontal therapy has increased. This concept is based on the premise that specific microorganisms cause destructive periodontal disease and that the antimicrobial agent in vivo can exceed concentrations necessary to kill or inhibit the pathogens. Antimicrobial treatments in periodontics range from mechanical debridement of tooth surfaces and home plaque removal to local and systemic delivery of chemical antimicrobial agents. The periodontal pocket is a unique infection site. It is readily accessible to the clinician and can be individually monitored to determine treatment response. Microbiologically, the concept of treating only those sites that are deemed to be in need of treatment by mechanically removing sub-gingival plaque, then subsequently applying a locally delivered antimicrobial, appears ideal. The local delivery devices establish a drug reservoir in the periodontal pocket that could maintain effective concentrations at the site of action for longer periods of time despite loss from crevicular fluid clearance. This book provides an overview and in-depth understanding of an array of Local Drug Delivery systems in periodontics.
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