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AkiNik Publications offer for the subscribers to explore a diverse array of periodical subscription, spanning across numerous academic fields to enrich their research and learning experience. Whether subscribers are an individual scholar, a library, or an institution, our curated journals promise to keep you at the forefront of your discipline. Our Periodical Subscription services are designed to bridge the gap between your academic or professional pursuits and the latest research developments across a multitude of disciplines. Here, we offer you an exclusive pass to a world where learning is boundless, and discoveries are made every day.
Periodical Subscription
Periodical Subscription Collage
Periodical Subscription Collage

Why Purchase a Periodical Subscription from AkiNik Publications?

Subscribers receive regular updates and publications, ensuring continuous access to the latest research, developments, and insights in their field of interest. This is crucial for staying informed about new trends, methodologies, and findings. Periodical subscriptions cover a vast array of subjects and disciplines, catering to diverse interests and research needs. Whether you're into science, technology, humanities, or social sciences, there's likely a journal that matches your academic or professional interests.

Our all academic journals are peer-reviewed, meaning that the articles they publish have been evaluated by experts in the field for accuracy, relevance, and quality. This process ensures that the information is reliable and of high scholarly standards. AkiNik Publications offer the ability to tailor subscriptions based on specific interests, needs, and budgets. This means subscribers can often select the journals or packages that best fit their academic or professional objectives, ensuring they get the most value from their investment.

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To, Subscribe to Periodical Subscription, one can place orders directly to our office or through any subscription agent. Provide us complete Periodical Subscription Form along with Demand Draft / Cheque in favour of "AkiNik Publications" payable at “Delhi” through post/courier at the following address:
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All subscriptions for periodical subscription are payable in advance and all rates include postage and taxes. Subscribers are requested to send payment with their order. Subscriptions are entered on an annual basis, i.e. January to December, and are subject to renewal in subsequent years. Prices are subject to change without notice. For more information or assistance in placing an order, please feel welcome to contact us at or at
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